The Planning and Development Department Zoning Division is responsible for both current zoning activities and for Zoning Ordinance Enforcement in the unincorporated areas of Cabarrus County.


Zoning affects every structure and land use throughout Cabarrus County. Accordingly, no structure shall be erected, reconstruction, moved or structurally altered not shall any structure or land be used except in compliance with both the general and applicable district regulations or the Zoning Ordinance. Zoning Division Staff is responsible for issuing permits to ensure that new structures, additions, uses and businesses are in compliance with the applicable Zoning District Standards. If you are thinking about building a new home, adding on to your current home, building a garage or storage building, installing a swimming pool or starting business from your home, please contact the zoning division for the appropriate permitting requirements.

Site Plan Review

Zoning Division Staff are responsible for facilitating the site plan review process. Site plan review is typically required for any development that is not considered single family detached residential or considered an accessory use to a single family detached residential unit. To find out if site plan review is required for a project that you would like to propose in Cabarrus County, contact the Zoning Division.

Zoning Enforcement

The Cabarrus County Zoning Ordinance establishes minimum standards that have to be met for properties located in unincorporated Cabarrus County. These standards help make the County a better place to live, work and do business. If the Zoning Ordinance is not being met or if on site activities were not properly permitted, this is considered a Zoning Violation and a Zoning Complaint may be filed. Once a complaint is filed and verified as such, Zoning Enforcement Staff has the authority to issue a Zoning Violation and to enforce penalties for non-compliance with the Ordinance.

Soil Suitability Analysis

Soil evaluations are performed by Cabarrus County Health Alliance Staff to determine the suitability of a proposed site for ground absorption sewage disposal. Septic inspections are also performed on existing septic systems for the purpose of acquiring a building permit for structural additions, new mobile homes, swimming pools, etc. Applications for Soil Suitability Analysis are available and may be submitted to the Zoning Division for processing.

Customer Service

Zoning Staff are responsible for assisting customers in person and on the phone.


If you have questions about any of the functions of the Zoning Division, please call 704-920-2137.